We all live in a world of instant gratification

Thanks to the internet. So why is it that when Xbox live suffers a meltdown, that you can't play your games offline?

Well the answer is you actually can, its not just not enabled by default.

Most online stores, Xbox live included allow a grace period of offline play to account for ISP issues, software glitches or even problems their end like yesterday

Even if you share your XBL account with another person (naughty naughty, but we won't tell), the account owner can still set this up.

Follow these steps! (note you do need to be signed in when doing this)

  1. On your XBox one, go to your settings (hit the menu button on your controller or press the button that looks like a cog in dashboard).
  2. Go to Personalization (or Personalisation if you're in the UK, Canada, NZ, South Africa or Australia).
  3. Click 'Set as Home Xbox'

Thats it! Your console will take a few seconds updating this to Microsoft and downloading various bits to make this work, and then you'll be golden to play games offline during the next outage.

Again - do this whilst the service is up, otherwise it wont work.

Published December 18, 2015
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