About Us

Kablam is operated by a small but dedicated team passionate about video games.

We strongly believe in an open, safe internet and have written this site from the ground up to allow any user to sign up, and start writing about the games they play to a like minded audience.

Kablam is, and will always be free to join, use and enjoy - we draw our revenue from partnerships through game developers and advertising. We never sell data onto third parties and fully respect users rights to privacy.

Kablam is based straight out of New York City with 100% of the development, network design and servers hosted from here.
Kablam runs on Encore our propriatary social news platform. By writing our tools from the ground up, we were able to write in the tools we needed to build a community, allow user participation and keep the platform secure.

Kablam's front end has been written in PHP to construct the web pages, and utilizes libraries like Bootstrap, jQuery and Font Awesome for user interface elements. Behind the scenes are various other scripts and applications to do house-keeping and other mundane tasks to help keep a website running, We've also built a few tools internally to help with caching and notification polling. It's a work in progress.

Infrastructure wise, we use a healthy mix of physical servers and Amazon web services to drive the site. We are fond of Linux, Apache and NetScaler. Maybe.

We also piggy back off of CloudFlare for it's DNS and content delivery network (CDN), Traffic is served 100% over SSL/HSTS (HTTPS), which includes between you and CloudFlare, and CloudFlare and us (HSTS), All Kablam domains are signed with DNSSEC too. With all of the above, we've minimized the risk of man-in-the middle attacks as well as DNS spoofing. We try hard. </geek>

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Launched: November 2015
Articles published: 82
Software version: 1.7
Lines of code: 50,000+
Starbucks visits: 60+

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