The Orsinium DLC

has been out for one year on TESO and to celebrate, there are some special things happening.

To begin with

The original Orsinium DLC is back in the crown store and at 75% discount! Explore the Orc inhabited Wrothgar and help King Kurog make Orsinium great again!


As you can see from the image above, the Orsinium Collector bundle is back in store too! Items in this bundle include: The Orsinium DLC, the Cave Bear Mount, the Cave Bear Cub pet and 5 Crown Experience Scrolls. So if you have yet to puchase this DLC, now is a great time to get it. Remember, if you have the ESO Plus Subscripition, you will already have the DLC so there is no need to purchase again.

There is more

Yes, there is. Whilst running around Wrothgar, the area Orsinium takes places in, the crafting nodes are double the resource but this does not include any suvery report nodes, we obviously cannot get greed. However, this is a good opportunity to collect the resources together and stock up on potions, craft that new armour you have always wanted and ENCHANTMENT!!!

I really enjoy doing the daily delves and world bosses in Wrothgar and within the duration of the one year anniversary, when you complete these daily quests you get double the amount of reward boxes. These boxes include the Malacath Motifs in the daily boss quests and the Trinimac Motifs in the daily delves, plus other Wrothgar related equipment and goodies, so take this moment to stock up and finish off any collections. 


There is also double chest rewards in the Maelstrom Areana on both Normal and Veteran difficulties. I have not tried this areana out yet, so I will have to give it a go. The chests reward you with Maelstrom weapons and armour which can be highly coverted in the right trait.

Other Information

As always, this is a timed event and will sadly end on November 21st 2016 and this includes the Orsinium DLC and the Orsinium Collector Bundle offer too, so pick up what you can, whilst you can. Hopefully, Eats-Many-Cakes and I will enconter you in Wrothgar. Don't forget to follow @Gokablam on twitter and you can follow more of Eats-Many-Cakes adventures on my account @Chocney

Published November 16, 2016
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