Super yachts are here

Along with Stilt houses (note not mansions... yet). in the latest GTA online update hitting your XBox One's and PS4 consoles today (sorry 360 and PS3 users).

The new update features added content of being able to create your own criminal organization and hire other players as bodyguards (troll players take note), as you battle your way again to the top of Los Santos criminal elite.... but if you can afford all that you probably are already at the top? #amirite? moving on...

The stilt houses feature all over rockford hills and presumably come with pools, large open areas and other amenities to lure and murder other players whilst you laugh and more garage space to store all those vehicles you bought during the black friday deal (25% off - sorry we didn't report on this, we were all out shopping).

Also included are customizable elite appartments/penthouses. Now if that covers existing appartments or you have to buy new ones isn't clear and just how you customize too hasn't really been discussed yet. Speaking for someone who just bought a new property, it would be a real dick move to have a new class of ones. Seriously.

In a nutshell, the new update has...

  • Super Yachts (i'm guessing $10m+ after all if a solid gold plane is $10 mil, then a big ass yacht will be more),
  • A 5th property spot to buy your new property (im guessing under $1m),
  • Customizable appartments,
  • 2 new sports cars (just after you bought a T20 or Osiris),
  • Creating your own evil organization,
  • Super Yachts,
  • Hiring other players to murder/do your bidding,
  • Super Yachts,

Oh and super Yachts.

So get your big cancer cigars at the ready, watch some below deck for some insight on being waited on hand and foot and live life to the large on a floating palace whilst you grow fat and wait for your FIB inditement.


Get heisting. No one wants to hang with a single digit millionaire these days.

That's Mr Big Daddy Warbucks to you.


Published December 15, 2015
Filed under grand theft auto
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