OK so I got it wrong...

In my last article I said that new content would come out on May 20th, which blissfully came and went... without DLC. Upsetting. Especially since content has grown so stale with this title.

But Rockstar have finally annouced that the new DLC will officially drop on June 7th. Not a huge difference in the dates #amirite?

Anyhoo, Rockstars latest DLC is titled Further Adventures in Finance and Felony and it looks awesome.

I'm happy to report that, aside from the date, many of the notes I added in my last article were infact correct - But make no mistake, Rockstar themselves have happily stated that this is one of the largest updates to come to the game since freemode events was announced.

New features -

  • Becoming a CEO of your own crime organization,
  • Ability to purchase an office block and 'special warehouse' to house stolen items and contraband.
  • A new vehicle (i'll pick up on that later),

This will undoubtably change the current game mechanic of outdoor events and the SecuroVIP service in its current form. Its unclear on if these game types will exist past the patch date, or be quietly removed. My guess is that the SecuroVIP will be dramatically modified - especially - on how long you can be a VIP, and that outdoor events will probably continue to exist for players that don't want to participate in criminal organizations (doing their own thing or waiting patiently for next heists to start).

I'd also expect more vehicles (both car, air and possibly small boats) will appear in the DLC, but dont expect any more varients of the super yacht.

What hasn't been announced -

  • The Casino heist. If Rockstar ever decide to release this (and they have never publically confirmed that they will), it most likely wont be included.

Pegassi Reaper -

Sexy Sexy

The new vehicle is super futuristic, but has a similar looking front (at least) to the Zentorno. Rumors on the interwebs are that this bad boy will have a base price of $4 million, meaning you're going to have to have deep pockets to afford this bad boy before you start modding it (which, lets face it can cost up to an additional $700,000 and beyond).

Trailer -

Rockstar haven't released the trailer yet - and will do next week. When it does drop, it will be posted right here.


Official Rockstar photo with a 'mock up' of an office within a criminal HQ -

Rockstar photo of an outdoor VIP event stealing cargo from the FIB.

Published May 27, 2016
Filed under grand theft auto
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  • @Holly
    On May 28, 2016 @Holly wrote ...
    So can't wait for this update!

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