Incase you've been running under a rock

Star Wars Battlefront was released TODAY Big news. Exciting times.

So most of the gaming population is about to appear on Milk Cartons everywhere as they call in sick, neglect significant others and glue themselves infront of their favorite console to take in all that Star Wars Goodness.

Also Incase you missed it, The trailer was released a few days ago with a cameo from Anna Kendrick. Enjoy.

Its got everything you could want, Speeder Bikes, The Millennium Falcon, Speeder Bikes, AT-AT's, Vader & Speeder Bikes. Did I mention those? moving on...

The commerical itself starts off with a rapture-esque dissapearance of seemingly normal people all over the world. But fear not God fearing readers, its just homage to the late great Obi Wan (hopefully that wasnt a plot spoiler for you. But yeah - Episode 4)....

Despite his trash talking... doesnt end well for Ol' Ben.

Battlefront comes out for Xbox one, PS4 and PC. Sorry Mac Gamers.

Published November 17, 2015
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