Database issues affect Friday the 13th game

Friday the 13th game, the wildly popular - yet - partially abandoned game by Gun Media and Ilfonic has been hit with database issues, taking the game offline across all platforms.
Wrapped up in the Friday 13th litigation woes, the game was put on development hiatus indefinitely in 2018, with the official game servers being taken offline in November 2020.

The game now relies on peer-to-peer (P2P) server hosting by players in the lobby. This causes its own problems with older hardware (PS4's and original XBox One's) being unable to both play and host the game, resulting in choppy frame rates and reduced player for hosts - causing many hosts to leave (ending the session). This also happens when a lobby host leaves due to being killed (or just rage quitting as they weren't Jason).

So if the game is P2P, what is this database error?

Despite the game being P2P hosted, it looks like there's still a central server tracking player metadata (what perks they have, what perks they have equipped, councilor/Jason points, the level they are at.etc), which also potentially allows the developers to initiate and maintain player bans too. In recent days/months the game has regained some of its former popularity - overwhelming database logins and/or causing issues with reading/writing player data causing corruptions/outages.

Is this going to be an ongoing problem?

For the short term, yes. However according so some Reddit posters on the Friday the 13th official sub Reddit, Gun is aware of the problem and has dedicated a small amount of resources into developing a hot fix/patch. There is no ETA on when or even if this will be fixed.

--- Update: Gun Media has acknowledged the issue!

Published June 26, 2022
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