Blood Will Flow

As you may already be aware, The Dark Brotherhood DLC is going to be making its way into the Elder Scrolls Online and I'm really excited for it.  I have played the storyline in Oblivion and Skyrim and loved them both. In fact, the first time I came across the start of the quest in Skyrim, I didn't want to join, but when Astrid said I needed to kill someone in the room, my only choice was her! Challenge accepted!

When can we revere the Night Mother?

For those on the ESO PTS (Public Test Servers), this has been available to them since April 25th 2016.  For the rest of us, we have to wait a tiny bit longer.  PC/Mac users will have access from May 31st 2016 and PS4 and Xbox One June 14th 2016. If you have an active ESO Plus membership, the DLC will come at no extra cost, otherwise the DLC will cost 2,000 crowns.

What exciting content will there be?

Set in the Gold Cost, players will be able to explore Anvil and Kvatch, and for me, I hope will bring back lots of Oblivion memories. There will be a new passive skill line set exclusive to Dark Brotherhood members, two new delves, Hrota Cave and Garlos Agea, and two new world bosses.

There are lots of updates in the game base patch too, including poison making and two new crafting styles, Abah's Watch and Thieves Guild. I am a sucker for the crafting styles, in that I like to complete the whole sets.  This is only going to add to my obsession with this game. For more information on other goodies the Drak Brotherhood will bring to the ESO universe, click here

One final detail

With the update of the Dark Brotherhood, also comes with the removal of the Veteran Rank system. This will all be converted into Champion Points. Whilst you guys are reading up on this change, I will be making sure my V10 Argonian is leveling up to V16!

Published May 18, 2016
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