New ESO DLC is here!

With the new Thieves Guild on its way to ESO, you can now have some honour in those 5-finger-discounts with a new passive skill line exculsive to those who join.

Set in the Hammerfell region of Hew's Bane you will get to explore a new area for all levels, to help restore the Thieves Guild to honour and glory. There will be new story based missions, armour, crafting styles and a whole lot more content to keep us occupied for a little while longer. Check out here for a full update so far on the DLC.

There will also be a sneak peak of the Thieves Guild DLC live on the ESO Live channel today from 4pm EST, showing off the area and a new 12-player trail called Maw of Lorkhaj.

The Thieves Guild will sneak its way in the crown store for 2,000 crowns, or at no extra cost for those with an active ESO plus membership, launching on the PC/Mac for March 7th, Xbox One on March 22nd, and PS4 on March 23rd.

Hopefully we can have more fun alongside that wonderful lockpicking...


Published January 29, 2016
Filed under elder scrolls
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