Sometimes I do get bored on Elder Scrolls Online

Not a statement I would normally find myself saying, but I can find myself wondering around Tamriel in circles. This is not because there is nothing left for me to complete, far from it. There is an increased amount of quests, farming and achievements to do, compared to what was avialable at the console release. I just follow no logical order and usually find myself wondering off the beaten track.

Which lead me to discovering the Dye Stamps

I was looking at my current armour, thinking it could do with a bit of colour and went to find a dye station. No matter what colours I went with, Eats-Many-Cakes just looked boring to me. She needed some colour to brighten her up. I like my darker colours but at that particular moment in time, I needed something brighter.

So I ventured into the Crown store to take a look at the Dye Stamps. I often just bypass this section and would not give it a second thought. This time was different, because of the colours featured as part of the Holiday Dye Stamp sets. The Dye Stamps always seem to be on timed purchase and I have seen certain colours take spot on the featured items of the Crown Store before, but these Holiday colours were bright and certainly caught me eye!

Scroll across to the Dye Stamp section in the Crown Store to discover some more varied arrangements of the two Holiday colours, Butterscotch Ale and Clover Lawn. There will also be another current set of Dye Stamps in 8 different combined colours. These are currently Thalmor Black, Dungeon VIctor Turquoise, Dried Blood Brown, Trolls Fur Brown, Tainted Turquoise, Gangrene Green, Tribune's steel and Legionary's Lead.

Below is a video of Eats-Many-Cakes previewing the two featured Holiday Dye Stamps before choosing one to put on my favourite outfit, The Royal Court Jester.

This is where some of the nitty and gritty stuff to remember comes along

The Dye Stamps will only colour currently equipped hats and costumes, no armour, and are available to purchase in the Crown Store for everyone, starting from 50 crowns a set, rotating on a weekly basis. The Dye Stations are only available to ESO Plus Members and can dye armour as well as the hats and costumes. When looking through the Dye Stamps in the Crown Store for the first time, I wondered why they were using colours which I already owned, but then I understood. The Dye Stamps give the Vestiges of Tamriel not an ESO Plus member, a chance to show off their flare too.

The Holiday Dye Stamps are colours which our Vestiges of both Non-members and members of ESO Plus do not own or can unlock and are therefore, priced higher at 200 Crowns a set. They are one use items too, bind on pick up, so choose carefully which outfit you would like to colour. If you change the outfit colour at a later date, you cannot revert back as it does not unlock at Dye Stations either.

For ESO Plus Members, if you buy a Dye Stamp with a colour you have not unlocked by completeing the in-game related achievement, purchasing this item does not unlock it for you. In my case, for the current set of Dye Stamps, I have not unlocked the Troll Fur Brown but I can buy a Dye Stamp with that colour and still apply to my costume. This does not permanently unlock the colour for me, that I still have to do by myself in completeling the Monstrous Component Collector achievement. Plus, if you have already unlocked several, or all, of the current colours, why not just copy the order of the one you like best onto your costume!

The picture below shows that Eats-Many-Cakes has unlocked the Tainted Turquoise colour, one of the colours in this weeks Dye Stamp.

As these Dye Stamps are one time only use items, I feel that this little fun part of the game could potentially get costly for both non-members and ESO Plus members. For Eats-Many-Cakes, buying the Holiday Dye Stamps as a treat to style herself every now and then will be a much better deal. 

Overall, I like the idea of the Dye Stamps. They are an easy, premade combination of colours that can be used for colouring hats and costumes only and I like that they have taken some thoughts on using colours that are not already in the Dye Station too. I plan to eventually complete my full colour chart of achievements. Wonder how long it will be before I regret saying that!

Eats-Many-Cakes is ready for action!

Show off some of your creative, coloured costumes in the comment below, or Tweet @GoKablam and @TESOnline your wonderful wardrobe!

Published March 18, 2017
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